WOW! Six viruse and six casualties!

I checked my very old email address that I rarely check because I get an ungodly amount of spam on it (thanks to Mypoints.com and other point programs who have sold that email address) and Norton caught six messages all containing the trojen.peacomm virus, the newest to try and invade systems. Thanks Norton! Finally did something correctly!
Other than that, Hagan has agreed to send me replacement cans of crickets and silkworm pupa since mine rotted because I was unawares they needed refridgeration after opening because it is printed with the refridgerate after opening in very-very small print on the cans-impossible to read without magnification. I suggested they print it in BOLD BIG PRINT on the lid where it will be easily seen and read in the future. I'm glad they are gonna send me replacements as these new canned reptile foods are not cheap!!
Until next time...

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