Square Needles-hand made! Silk painting, and self defense training

Well Ihave been busy yet again! I've finished a a pair of size 13 square knitting needles made of oak dowel. Total cost of this pair was $1.35!! I plan to cast-on a project that has been waiting for these to be compelted this weekend. The end-caps are poly clay-turquoise, white, gold, a touch of purple and black that had been shreded and then smooshed back together to get the mosaic look. I cut thin slices off the resulting cane, pinched them out to get them as thin as possible to minimize the extra weight that it would add, and added them to the scrap clay used to mold the ends. Pretty! I love turquoise.

Then I am trying some hand-paining on silk hankies. I want to crochet a Pixi Purse out of the unspun roving of the silk for a friend who let trim her Mulberry trees so I could feed my silkworms last summer.

Last but not least...I have been learning self defense training with the help of this library DVD: Chuck Norris Private Lessons of self defense. It is fun to learn and is great exercise. Finally! Exercise I actually enjoy! It looks really dorky, but Chuck is super serious and seeminly compassionate on the videos.

Until next time...

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