Leigh Scott's Dragon-BAD-BAD-BAD MOVIE!!!

OMG! Can you die of being talked to death from unending, boring dialog and bad acting?! *faint!* The title and DVD cover looked interesting but when we put it in we were greated with poor acting to worst degree, and NO ACTION. The back of the DVD says "The action of Reign of Fire, the adventrue of Lord of the Rings"....ummm...in what universe?! The moves and action are poorly executed as there is a noticable pause between moves that the actors make. Clearly rehursed. It's not supposed to look rehursed. The actors are unknowns who show little emotion, don't move naturally (nor act naturally as if they weren't actors) and sighed a lot...I hate sighing actors! The dialog is NEVER ENDING and BORING to boot. Good god...kill me now cause this movie is torture! I could not watch it all because I was bored out of my mind with the never ending, boring dialog-even while knitting I was bored! PUKE-CITY. And this is supposed to be the first in a trilogy...wow...good luck getting those other two done because I would not endorse them from a ten foot pole! I cannot bitch enough about how bad this movie is and what a dissapointment it is to have rented it in good faith....thinking it sounded good from the cover description. Riegn of Fire is 100 times more entertaining, and Lord of the Rings has 100 times better dialog. OH! And lets not forget about the traffic noise in the background of a story that is supposed to be set way back in the middle ages! And the bad cuts in the action scenes...and the bad acting...and the.....OOOOOOooooo *I die*. If you are lookin to rent it, and you liked Riegn of Fire or Lord of the Rings...SKIP IT! Not worth the DVD it is burned onto!
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