How to eat Fried Worms, The Movie

Well I saw the movie of the book that I could not stop reading when I was in school. It was in Middle School when I read it. I was researching worms at the time, and I cam across this book-checked it out, and could not put it down. The movie is a little different than the book as I though the kid had to eat one worm a day for ten days, and the bully tried to trick him into eating two by frying two together in some batter-but the heroine caught that trick and saved his booty. Good book, decent job on the movie too. At some parts of the movie I almsot GAGED cause it was majorly gross!
Today is the BF's B-day. I bought cake and icecream to celebrate when he gets home.
No takers on the Mohair...I fear I will be stuck with it. I will never buy from that place again. Humph! Guess I will clean a little bit at a time and spin it up and give it away. What was I thinkin! I should have bought Merino, not mohair!
Yep, well, back to knitting that project for the mystery skien swap!

I am speaking out for women's rights.
Will you join me?

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  1. do you realize how frustrating it is that my SON loved that book too? LOL I'm becoming old!


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