More pictures of Lotti, my adopted lamb

Picture postcards arrived in the mail today from the farm where I adopted Lotti from. I don't have a working scanner so I took pictures of the pictures so the quality went down a tad. The two adult lambs are her parents, both are part Merino. And along with the photocards was a note on how she is doing....

"It's lambing time and so far there are 22 new lambs on the farm. Lotti's mother Belle had twins again. One black and one white, again. The black one looks just about like Lotti. There are 6 more ewes to go! One last night, Theresa, surprised me. I tried to pull her lamb that was breach and it's legs were not in the right place, I couldn't so I called the vet. By the time he got here she had managed to deliver the lamb on her own, and two more! He said that they usually cannot deliver them in that position either. Go girl!

About Lotti: She was born at 6:30 AM on Februrary 11, 2006. She was a twin and weighted 10 pounds. Her mother is Belle, a merino-columbia-lincoln cross. Her father is Arthur, a blue faced leicester-merino cross. She was a favorite from the beginning. She was so cute when she was borned everyone just loved her. My 1st grade daughter did a report and poster on her, and she has been spoiled ever since. For some reason Belle's lambs are always especially friendly, and Lotti was no exception. In fact there are times that she is a little too friendly. Sometimes when I am out in the barn yard doing something she comes and will not leave me alone unless I scratch her. She will come and paw at me until I do what she wants!

I've noticed that she is very interested in the new lambs. She will go into the lambing jug with them if I am not careful to close the gates. Their mothers frown on her joining them. I am sure she will have a good time when they get out and she can play with them. She still has her lamby personality and likes to run and bounce. And of course you've seen the photo of her being king of the mountain. I will email more photos as I take them."

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