"Accidental Memory"

Warning...this is a bit of depressing prose, but this is what showed in my head when I read the challenge.  (This is from a challenge that was sent through The Writers Challenge Group, TWO on yahoo groups)
Take these 5 lines and work them into a prose or poem (and mark them):

shockingly gory
  highpitched and deafening
  noxious, rich odors
  trickled through my fingers
  sweet and sour

    The scene was *shockingly gory*, I was told. You could hear, from a good distance away, the *highpitched and deafening* sounds of metal crunching and wheels squealing to a sudden stop. As the scene grew older by the second, *the noxious, rich odors* had felt as if they were eating away at my nose hairs. I was disorientated. The car had flipped onto it's roof and I hung there like a rag doll. The windshield had shattered, and the pouring rain *trickled through my fingers* as I hung there waiting for assistance. It was odd because I did not hear the rain. I only knew it was there because of the wetness I felt on my hands and face. The only sounds that I could hear where the sounds of my own heartbeat rythmically, soothingly, beating away in my ears. My every muscle and bone hurt, and my head felt like it was gonna explode from hanging upside down in the seatbelt for...for who knows how long I had been hanging there. The *sweet and sour* taste of sweat and blood lingered in my mouth as I tried to muster up a voice to call for help with. I could not discern if any voice escaped me, but I could feel my breath come and go as I tried. So I hoped that I had made some sort of audiable sound that someone could hear.
    I prayed hard that day. I prayed like I never prayed before. I did not feel afraid that I was gonna die, I dunno why. I was rescued after a bit of time, I am told, that they had indeed heard my faint, scratchy cry for help.
    The memories precending the crash I am unable to retrieve. The docs tell me they should come back to me, with time.  Time has come that I can finally go home. I'd be excited about it if I did not have to take this new thing home with me. I left the hospital building watching, watching...watching those who were unable to leave themselves, as they were watching me with an unbearable longing that lingered in thier faces. Thier bodies did not make it through the injuries sustained in that horrible, horrible, accident, so thier souls stayed behind...trapped, in the hospital where they had died.

Some rights reserved, CC,  2007
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