Weeeee! I start Karate Monday!

YAY! I made it to the intro class at Karate America , got the adult karate class schedule and I start Monday! I found out that the monthly fee is $99, which is not so bad, but may prove to be difficult. I will put back enough for it this month so that I will have next month's fees. I don't think I will be getting a drum carder this year...poopie! It will have to wait. I am required to attend classes at least twice a week, more if I'd like too. I get my white belt when I finish the first class. I might go more just for the workout! My instructer has HUGE ears! They stick a mile out! LMAO! I am a little worried about the possibility of injuries as I have no health insurance. I guess I will jump that hurtle when I come to it. I learned that we should bow before entering the building, as a sign of respect for the school and instructor and to help leave the day behind us. "I am here to workout, learn, and grow. My day up till this time will not follow me inside." Then we bow before entering the workout floor to help center. "OKay, workout time". I was so excited about this, and then the BF got home late. I didn't know what was going on so of course I jumped down his throat right away. He said he had to work late, and I expect a phone call...especially when I have plans, but he claims to not have access to a phone at the new building that work moved into. I wish he would find a way to call when he works overtime so I can plan accordingly. They have classes 4 times a week, even Saterdays! This is gonna be great for my waist, muscles and heart! Finally! Something I can do for all those things that I enjoy!

I finished the project for my partner in the Mystery Skien swap. Now I just need to block it and I would like to show it off a the next Guild meeting.

I made some goals for this year when someone asked for them on the Fiber Goddess group. I want to knit two more wing of the moth shawls...one for Mum, and one for a special person for payment for her instruction. In order to do that, I need around 2500 yards of yarn...that I plan to spin up myself. Ambitious much?!

I am also starting my Goddess studies up again and the next meeting for that is next weekend. I am supposed to dress up as my favorite Goddess and tell the others about her. I have one outfit that would be PERFECT for Pelle so I think I will do her. She is not a favorite, but I have researched her and I identified with her at one time in my life.

Until next time...

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