Snow update: Huge, wet, heavy flakes...no shampoo for you!

Day three of the snow storm. Well, the garden is almost 3/4 full of snow and there is a good foot to TWO FEET of snow out there.

The BF had to park the truck behind the work van last night because the little light-as-afeather truck would not go up the slight incline into our parking space! See that little, tiny, itty-bitty, Toyota Tacoma behind the BIG white van? I dunno if there will be any school tomorrow. The news is saying to stay home if at all possible. Now we are getting huge wet flake that are wieghing the trees down! Those cedar bushes are usually standing streight and tall! We have HUGE snow drifts around the front door of the building. I'm sure the BF will want to get out into it just to get his Starbucks fix, so I will go with him. They say it is supposed to snow all day today, and then snow more early Monday morning.
I think there is an 80% chance that there will be no work tommorrow. Yet another hit to my check. Grrrrr.

Until next time...

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  1. see what happens when you complain about the weather forecasting? LOL We've been nailed with snow here too, so I empathize.


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