Bringin down De house-lots of beaching

I was listening to mortal combat and I turned it up so loud that one of the speakers fell off the computer desk...taking my still half full 32 ounce cup filled with coffee with it. The lid came off which surprised me because it's a hard lid to remove!

I found some Oolong tea at Woodman's and bought me a cheap box of it. I hear it helps with acne problems. Anything cheap that will help is worth a try! Tea is good for yeahs anyways.

My BUTT muscles are still sore from karate practice. I did not have the strength to practice yesterday because I was still sore!! But I think I will get a little in this afternoon since I have most of the afternoon off. My routes keep canceling!!! I am gonna be a poor womyn come payday if this keeps up. And SP10 JUST started! ACK-ACK-ACK. I still have to pay my monthly adoption fee for Lotti and start paying for that college theology course. Cripes.

I am trying my darndest to figure a way to ship a 16 x 20 frame college of my karate pictures to my Mum in Indiana. I asked on yahoo answers and one person suggested that I double box it with plenty of packing peanuts. The problem is finding a box big enough without having to dish the money out for it! Can you believe that when I asked Menard's yesterday if they had any large appliance boxes I could take, they told me they "are not allowed to give the boxes away". (!!!!!!!!!!) What flippin kind of bullshit it that?! You can't give away BOXES?!!! Boxes that you are throwing out anyways!? What is this world coming to that stores refuse to give away a simple cardboard box?! Cripes! Starbucks will SAVE the boxes until I get there to pick one out this Friday!! WOW.

I already got one from Starbucks, but it is not quite wide enough for the frame so it is sitting in it diagonally and surrounded by nuts. The Bf said he would keep an eye out for a box that looks like it would be big enough to fit this one in plus a layer of cushioning nuts. Speaking of nuts...those damned things are expensive! I bought one cubic foot (rolls eyes) of peanuts at the UPS store for $4, and it was not nearly enough. I could spend a fortune on those alone!! So I put a call out on our local free-cycle list and I got two trash bags full of packing peanuts for FREE! Yippee! Kudos to that person! Then I bought some bubble wrap at the local Big Lots and a roll of stretch film from Woodman's while I was there because they were on sale. So I really wrapped the frame up to try and ensure delivery in one piece. So far I have spent around $10 to pack this thing...that includes those damned expensive bagged peanuts from the UPS store. Speaking of that store, I don't like the man that works in the one down the street. He is a grouchy son-of-beach. I'm gonna take it to staples or even the UPS store over near East Town to ship it. The man there was really helpful. He quoted me about $24 to pack the frame, and around $10 to ship. I think next time I will just take it there and let them do all this work!!

I think I am gonna look into finding another driving job. I keep hearing a lot of shit about management where I am at. One is that the dispatcher doesn't have the balls to stand up to the operations manager...even to defend a coworker he asked to bring a bus in...and the operations manager was jumping down the drivers throat about. The operations manager is a real ass to begin with. Thinks he is hot-funny stuff...he really ain't and seems more like a idiot to me. I don't talk to him because he will ask a question, and then not give you enough time to answer before he starts talking again. HOW RUDE AND DISSRESPECTFUL! And they are seriously lacking in the training department as well. I really don't want to be represented by the stupid shit other drivers do because I am not like that.

There is no reason for me to stay...no incentive to do a better job. They stink!! I found out that my previous employer got bought out. Damned it. That was the best job I have ever had and it sure didn't last long. Humph! So I am gonna look up FedEx and see how I can get a job in the delivery field. I have always wanted to try that. Full time with benefits, incentives to do better, and yearly raises, would be a plus. I don't get any of that with my current employer.

I think that is all. I have some polypay fleece on the way so I am excited and can't wait to get my hands on that.

Until next time...

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