First Karate Lesson....CHECK

I made it through the first karate class of the basic-basics. We learned stretches, the basic front punch, back(power?) punch, and some basic self defense moves. It was fun, although it would have been more fun if the children in the lobby area where not giggling and laughing as they watched. I just had to ignore them, but I was very aware of them...and how I looked in that huge wall mirror. You know how you have a self-image in your head of how you THINK you look.

I. Am. Ashamed.

My biggest issue was with my spare tire bouncing all over the place! *blushes* It was very hard for me to look at that mirror, at my reflection, see how I really looked, and not look away in embarrassment or shame. I need me some support panties! HA! At least I have my humor. :P

I don't have a uniform yet as they ran out because this is the first time this location is doing adult classes. So when I do get my uniform, I will take a picture in my defensive stance. *BIG GRIN*

The instructor, Mr. Shaub, seems to be taking some extra effort in helping me feel welcomed and accepted. I'm sure he does that with all the new recruits but it was not something I was expecting at all. He remembered my name (a rarity), pronounced it correctly (shocker), greated me AND said goodbye. I am surprised. He is a short guy, my hieght (about 5' 1") and he is not so bad lookin, but I try not to think about that. He is my teacher. Not eye-candy!! Get that mind out of that gutter and don't even think about letting it gutter again!

We had to partner up, and the guy in front of me (a guy from India) turned around and said HI! So we partnered and we had fun! He was very easy going about it all so I felt very comfortable with him.

There is a Hispanic lady in the class with her hubby (I think) that looks an aweful lot like past friend I no longer associate with. She hurt me, I hurt her, we could not agree on a couple of major things, so I stayed away from her. She did a lot of "Mommying" and I was really sick of her demanding my time when I wanted to do something else with my time. I was so selfish (her words) for wanting time for ME. In other words, I am a brat for not wanting to spend my every waking free moment entertaining her ideas. *rolling eyes* We got a long really well for a long time, but then I outgrew the friendship because it seemed everything was about her, and I could not talk about me or what was bothering me without her making me feel like I was wasting my breath there towards the end. Shit happens.
So that is awkward to see someone who looked a lot like her...only a lot smaller in spare tire size. Yeah...I was the biggest lady there...and damned near the shortest. *whimper*

I go back again Wednesday, and although I am looking forward to the workout and learning...I am not looking forward to facing that mirror again. *whimper* I must be brave. I have to face this. This is good for me and that spare tire WILL shrink. I demand that it shrink! SHRINK-SHRINK DAMNED YOU! SHRINK!!!! *shrinking sounds*

Until next time...


Until next time...


  1. I've never taken one Karate class. It must be good for self-defense, right?

  2. Yes, that would be the whole general purpose of karate. Besides being a form of self-defense, it is also a great form of exercise (cardo and muscular). :)


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