No takers on guessing aye? The revealing....

This is the wing of the moth SCARF. The yarn is hand spun, and dyed, shetland (dyed and spun up by me) and I blocked this one with a new set of blocking wires which made the process a tad bit easier. It looks small on me....cause me so abundant, but on a smaller person it will be a little bigger. I am giving this one to a friend who is visiting from California this weekend. A little giftie for all she has done to help me through my Saturn Return so far.

I had two skiens of the same yarn that were both dyed with the same technique, but the second one got dyed a bit darker somehow and it makes an excellant border!! I will have to do that again...if I can!

I love knitting the scarf version of the shawl as it doesn't take nearly as long to knit up. I did this one in about 4 days. I tink I LOVED lace kniting!

Until next time...


  1. Wow, beautiful shawl! Nice job! I recently saw your video regarding spinning silk hankies. Thanks, I'll have to pull mine out and give them a try.

  2. Thanks Dana and you are welcome!


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