Mail Day...money suuuuuuuuuucker

ACK....just when I think things are gonna go really well....SLAP upside the head the universe says!
I got a a letter in the mail today reminding me to pay taxes I thought were already paid off!!! *face palm*
When I tried to call and ask question...all I got was a nasty tax lady who would not let me get a word in edgewise. *CLICK*
I got the polypay fleece I ordered last week! OOOoo so crimpy! I cannot wait to comb some of it up to spin!
I got an envie from mom with a $50 gift card to hobby lobby and a bday card along with the socks I knit that were too small.  I wan't expecting so much money!
I called the survey people who said they were gonna send me $100 for participating in a survey that I have not seen yet...they said they just sent them out because they were waiting for the last couple of people to call and confirm thier winnings.
Then I decided, with all this market crunching happening, I am gonna take my IRA out. I need the money anyhow. Most of it I hope I will be able to put back but I can pay off whatever is left on those god forsaken tax peeps say I STILL owe (just under $200). 
Then I am trying to figure a way to pay for my WTI tuition, which is around $500 and I dunno how I am gonna pay for it PLUS my karate tuition.
Until next time...


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