Bodily pains...

What is up with all this pain?! OYE! I had having to take an aleve every day just to control the joint and muscle pain I am experiencing. Today, my left ring finger is aching...and only when I bend it! And my elbow was hurting me last night in about the same way. What is up with this?!
My back is a little achy, but that is expected as I practiced a lot yesterday. Blah!
Today, I plan to order some more photo copies from the walkgreens down the street, walk down to get them and then walk to Red Robin to try thier fish sticks with the GC I got from my last unpleasant visit (I ask for well done burgers, I get nearly raw burgers...every single time). So they sent me $40 worth of Red Robin bucks. Now that they have expanded thier menu choices to more than just burgers, I'll try them again. A friend had the fish stick baskets and she said it was really good. We shall see.
And how to tell your significant other that they have a problem with thier equipment that makes it undesirable to make hot passionate love with them because of it?! It doesn't help that he has not had a sperm count done YET after getting snipped now over a year ago. I think I may just deny any love making until he gets that done so I can get that IUD out of me and my sex-drive can come back. It is causing me problems anyways (cramps, unplanable leakage...blah). Unplanable leakage is not a good thing when your karate uniform is white!!!! How embarrasing!!!
Until the next bodily pain attacks...

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