MMMmmm Oven roasted Portabella

I bought a package of medium portabella caps yesterday at Woodman's. Yesterday I tried cooking them on the stove in some butter. While they came out delicious, what I did today totally beats it.

I roasted four portabella caps with two bulbs of garlic in a foil pouch. I drizzled both olive oil and sesame seed oil on all items, sealed and cooked at 395 for 40 minutes, just until the garlic was good and cooked. MMMmmmm-M! Roasting the caps in this way imparts a light garlic and oil flavor. Sprinkled with some garlic salt...YUMMY!

I found a new love...chocolate covered espresso beans...OOOOOooo blahmadbsdhjkfvsyfvashjrfv....coffee, bean?! Now if I could find some milk chocolate covered ones instead of dark chocolate...that'd be great!! *VBG*

My neck is still sore today, but feeling better. I had a weird dream last night but I cannot remember it completely now. I slept sooooo hard and I feel sooo good today.

I got anther Chris Angel Mind Freak DVD today. This man amazes me! I remembered as I started to watch it a dream I had of him a couple weeks ago. I was having a conversation with him in an antique store. He seems like a sweet person and he reminds me of gypsies. I wander if he has a Gypsy heritage because he sure does seem like a gypsy to me. The defying gravity state of mind, the freaky tricks and illusions....WOW.

I've got to remember to write down in my BOS/journal the moves I learn from karate each class so I can choose which ones would be best to teach my peers at the next WTI meeting in December-basic self defense.

So I think I will concentrate on updating that today and adding my first photos of me in uniform as well.

I finally got the Cherokee Proud book, second addition even. I was looking at more Cherokee books at the library today. And I happened upon a book of Native American Portraits. I could star at those old black and white photos for hours! Something about the glassy look of their dark eyes, their heavily wrinkled skin, and carefully hand sewn clothings and decorations. Amazing.

I want to add another book to my wishlist: Folk Shawls. I tink I like lace knitting!!

Until next time...

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