I did it! WOOOooo!

Yippie! I totally got the knife hand block DOWN man! WOOOooo! I practiced it for about an hour in the basement while I payed close attention to my hand and body positions. All the while tearing up my feet on the ruff, cement basement floor! ACK! Way to scrap off the dead skin! Next time I will have to wear my moccasins to protect my pads!
I am so proud of myself!
Mom called asking if my Bday package got here yet. She just mailed it a day ago...mail isn't that fast.
And an epsiode of Lime and not Violet! YAY! Lots of goofing off on this episode...so fun when they do that! Snorting barking dogs are soooo funny!!
Off to work!
Until next time...

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