More self-defense and Promotions...*WIMPER!!*

We learned a few more self defense moves today, although I have no idea how I am supposed to practice them when the BF *looks over and rolls eyes* is a whimp when it comes to helping me with this.

Next Friday is promotions and I will be getting my gold belt for an extra $30 bucks. Suppose I will pay that at the next class. I am very nervous about it because I am not sure if we are all showing what we know together as a class...or individually in front of the rest of the class. *whimper!!*

We learned a few more moves but I think we are having more emphasis on practicing what we know for the promotion day. *whimper*

I didn't work nearly as hard but DAMN! Am I still worn out!

Until next time...


  1. Just start a fist fight with your BF... I'm sure that will get you some practice for thost self-defense moves. :)

  2. I'd probably hurt the man...physically and mentally!! He's a lover not a fighter. Wouldn't due much for our relationship either! *face-palm!*


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