Happy Spring! Today looks like spring, but we have a cold northern breeze bringing cold air down from Canada. Brrrr...but the sun is shinning big time!

I got an email from the SP10 hostess saying that it is required (????) to post 4 times post 1 TO 4 times during the month with knitting content. -I misread the email!!-

Well, posting 4 times a month will not be a problem (!!!!) but knitting content may be an issue as I have strayed from the crafts as I concentrate on my wieght loss vary. LMAO! When the days get longer, and the days get warmer, I turn into the outdoors person I love being. I love being outside, walking, sitting, thinking. My crafts take the back seat for a while. So if you will forgive me, no crafting contect for the moment unless you count my effort to sculpt myself a healthier, lighter, karate-choppin me. :)

I have some movies coming today (if the mailman ever arrives as he is late today) and I will get some knittin time in then. I will work on the ribbon shawl I am knitting for my Mum. OOOO there! Knittin content!!! It is a good three to four feet long now.

Until next time...


  1. Hi - You misread my email! Only 1 from the 4 posts per month are to be knitting related - the rest - whatever you want!

    I hope that clarifies things!

  2. OOP! 1 to 4 posts...gottcha!


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