My most useful knitting tool...

Is not a knitting tool at all. It's my spinning wheel. I spin most of what I knit these days so it is my most useful tool. I have a closet full of fleece to spin up so I am not a yarn whore...I am a fiber whore!! LMAO!!

I sure could use a yard meter though! That would definately be a useful tool for me. *VBG*

Today is a perfect day for some sun-tea! Sun made Oolong tea...comin up!

Until next time...


  1. Thanks Knittin Mama!! It was uneventful, but sunny and beautiful outside. Perfect for the spring baby in me!!
    Plus I went to Nitty-Gritty and got myself some free Berry Weise beer-all I could drink!! I slept pretty damned good last night!

  2. You want some kickass sun tea... try some rooibos with pineapple. Twinings used to make it... I think they still do... wonderful stuff.

    ABSO-LUTELY love your blog and your YouTube stuff. I've linked you on my sidepanel at my fiber arts blog, FIBER PORN (thought you'd love the name, perhaps it's kizmet that I stumbled across your world here on the net).

  3. Never heard of Rooibos tea before but will definately look for it, if only to try it! I am drinking Oolong because it is rumored that it helps fight acne, which I have really bad on my back (of all placed) and that causes my back to be constantly ichy when I am wearing a bra. I think the acne is partly caused by my IUD, which I am getting removed next week. The BF has been snipped so there is no more need for birth control. So then I can get rid of this god-aweful acne that has scared up my back and be able to loose some weight (BC prevents that because of the hormones).

  4. OH yeah...Thanks for all the nice comments!!!

  5. PS: I have a PCOS blog. Have you been tested for that? I used to have horrible cystic acne. Check out my PCOS blog, and if you have any questions, leave a comment with your email addy, and I can tell you more.

  6. Can't find the PCOS blog...gotta link?


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