Gained 4 pounds?! WHAT?!

*sledge hammer to scales...wonderful smashing sounds ensue*

I got on the scales this morning and my nemesis says I gained four pounds OVERNIGHT!


I did drink a lot of water yesterday to hydrate myself for karate class so now I am wondering how the hell do I gauge weight loss with water gain?! This shit is getting complicated! I tool in less than my "prescribed" amount of calories...a lot less than I had initially thought. There may be some muscle gain in there too as I do feel stronger and I am getting winded less and less easily.

Did I mention that we learned yesterday? I don't think I did. I was in too much pain. I still hurt, but now it is just simple stiffness. Would help if I could get some damned sleep! The BF comes to bed and just fidgets and fidgets and fidgets!!!! I think I am gonna have to start sleeping on the hide-away. I just cannot get enough rest with all the fidgeting that happens in the night!

Anyways...we learned Offensive front kick, and a....jump front kick?? I dunno remember what he called it but we pull the right leg up and chamber it (karate lingo), then jump and switch to the other leg to kick with. We were learning front downward kick when my leg failed me. Then we learned how we could improve our balance by bringing up one leg and....oh shit! De'ja'vu!! I had a dream about this some time ago!! I just remembered it! Holy smokes...anyhoo we balance with one leg up with our hands wrapped around our knee. Well...that is physically impossible for me to wrap my hand around my knee, so I just hold on to the best of my ability.

We got a black stripe on our white belts last night as well. He said they give them every other month for modivation. Sweatness!

Happy B-day to me!! I am now a whole 29 strong! Mom says she will really razz me next year because I will be over the hill. Over the hill?! I don't consider 30 over the hill at all...that's more like 50 isn't it because that is the half-way point? She's wierd like that.

Until next time...

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