We went to the Scrapbook superstore this afternoon and I found the black mulberry paper I was looking for. It has gold inclusions but that is fine I guess. I found some more inspirational stickers and made an addition to page two. Then the BF spoted a Karate rub on!! So I removed the print out of the work karate and placed this one on the same kind of paper, then added pop-dots to the back. WOW! What a difference!

While we were there at the super store, the BF dragged me to the checkout because I was taking too long. The place is HUGE!!! The lady in front of us...before a 15% discount had wracked up $246 in scrapbooking supplies!! HOLY SHIT! The stuff they sell is no where near cheap and you pay premium prices for it all. I found a bunch of half off papers and do-dads so I only wracked up just over $10. Thier frequent shopper program has changed too. When we I was into scrapbooking many-many moons ago (like 5 or so years ago), the program was buy $250 in murchandise and get 15% off. NOW, however...it is $600 get 5% off, up to $2000 get 10% off, over $3000 get 15%. HOLY WTF! I would never spend that much on scrapbooking supplies IN A YEARS TIME!! They have a great selection and all...but that "rewards" program is a ripoff!! And that is my humble opinion on that! HUMPH!

Yesterday I was watching Chris Angels Mind Freak disc 2, and the on the last episode the man wants to know what it feels like to get struck by lightening (WHAT?!) and then he apparently came to Baraboo Wisconsin to the US's largest tesla coil which puts out a max of 3 million volts. When he got to the point where he asked them to turn it all the way up, the noise was so unnerving that I had a full blown panic attack! I have never experienced anything like it before. I was hyperventalating while my throat felt like it was closing up on me! I laughed at myself because it was just TV...but here I am having a panic attack like my own life was in danger! LMAO! I get tense when a storm approaches anymore sense being shocked by the bolt that hit our apartment building last summer during on of the freakiest lightening storms I had ever experienced. I used to be in awe of lightening and thought it beautiful, while I am scared shitless of it now...I still think it is beautiful.

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