Completed first section of scrapbook...

Inside Cover and first page And all of a sudden I have scrapbook madness...it's the bug...it's inside me!!! Inside the cover there is a sticker that reads "Dare to dream then watch what happens!" and this so describes how I got to do karate. I dared to dream...and the opportunity showed itself. Quite amazing actually. "Believe in Yourself" was a rub on that looks like it was printed on the page. I have that picture on the first page for a reason. So that if I ever become discouraged, I can always pick up this book and SEE how happy I was and how I feel about learning karate.
Second Page

I have a lot of scrapbooking and stamping supplies from when I used to do both, so I dug out those and set to work. The little red thing is a piece of friendly plastic melted, then stamped with an asian themed stamp. You can't really see the detail here but it kinda looks like an equal armed cross in the plastic. Which is OK.
This will serve as some documentation for WTI. I think it will serve for several subjects in WTI actually as I plan to do this everytime I go up a belt color. I did email karate America and did confirm that indeed the cost to get promoted is an extra$30 in addition to the $99 a month for the tuition.
SUCK-SUCK-SUCK! OWE...gotta hole being burned in my pocket!!
I'm told it pays for the new belt, the promotion cermony, certificate, and card (not sure what kind of card I will be getting...).

Until next time...

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