Black Belt Recommendation!!! SWEETNESS!!!

Boy, if anything is a testiment to dreams coming true...this is truely one!
Just last week I was very doubtful if I was ever going to get a black belt recommendation. I was having difficulty performing a learned kick skillfully (and without hurting my hips or losing my balance) even after practicing diligently at home. From what I understand of it, you cannot be promoted to a black belt unless you have been recommended to black belt. Confusing, I know.
The black belt is still very-very-very far away for me (approx 3 1/2 years away with classes twice a week all year long-WHEW...daunting), but this is one of many stepping stones to reaching it!! I received the recommendation today!! What this means is that the instructor is willing to teach the receipiant (I can spel) of the recommendation up to and beyond the first level black belt. Myself and five other adults are now considered the  Adult Black Belt Leadership Team! Not only that, but the FIRST Adult Black Belt Leadership Team to dawn the doorstep of Karate America.
EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Exciting!!!!
I credit this journey mostly to the tarot reading I got from Mari at one of the local pagan pub nights. Her reading paired with an opportunity presenting itself soon after the reading was what started me on this path (not to forget that Chuck Norris Self-Defense DVD from the library to "wet" my "Warrior" appitite for more). OH, don't forget the dreams...I had some not so pleasent dreams that helped me to be brave enough to go to those first couple of classes. I love 'em.

Now, Goddess willing...I will be able to continue the training to reach a black belt, both financially and physically! *crossing fingers-toes, legs, arms, eyes as well* 
I gotta tell yeah, this has been a crash course in getting fit! I am more flexable (which has been very noticable when I am working), am winded less and less easily, am FULL of energy and this is just plain good for me all around. *very big grin*
Now, if this spare tire would just shrink!!! NNNaaah! Shoo! Get! SHRINK ALREADY!!!
YAY!!! I is excited to have passed this stepping stone! Can ya'tell?
And now, back to our regularly scheldueled (I can spel...naaah!) programing....*snow, static, and flickering*


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  1. That's great! Good for you! I'm proud of you!


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