A ranting tirade, FAIR WARNING...

This is a fair warning to those reading this that this is a ranting tirade of a stress reliever. IF YOU CHOOSE TO CONTINUE TO READ THIS POST I WILL NOT FEEL IN THE LEAST BIT BAD or guilty if your eyes turn into great balls of fire and you start blathering in some incohesive tongue or turn into an incoheisve blathering idiot.

Fair warning!


Here it goes....

You want it...you got it!


I am so sick and tired of the poopie-butt-whippers who will jump in and complain and bitch about any given thing on a nanoseconds notice. Buzz off!

I've got people from the swap I organized all over my ass because I am publicly stating that CATHY HURD flaked me in my own swap! Well hello!!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT! It was a term of signing up for the swap and was stated so in the swap guidelines!! Mother fuckers.

I am so peed right now. And these damned mongers think they can bitch at me, about my own swap, in my own group! FUCK. YOU. PISS. OFF. This is my group and I won't allow you to bash me in my own god-damned group. God damned complainers are being banned as I type.

The swap is done and I will NEVER-EVER-IN A MILLION YEARS host another swap for these ingrates!! Wow, what a slap in the face. All nicey-nicey till the hostess is sick and tired of the bull shit, and then nanosecond later...FIRE IN THE HOLE!!


Comments are disabled for this post....I will have no more of it.

Actually all comments have been disabled for the time being because someone turned into a blathering idiot and is desperately trying to get my attention by posting harassing and mouthy comments to random posts because this one was disabled, but I will have none of it so the blathering idiot continues to be...an incohesive blathering idiot.

I will not EVER delete or edit a post because someone does not like it. I have a right, fair and square to post what I see fit to my blog...and it that is a ranting tirade of cursing, foul language, and bad mouthing, then so shall it be. You can not and will not control me. I will not allow it. I will not be molded to what anyone thinks a blog should be like. I am not one to follow in that line like a good sheepie-poo. If that is what you do, that is your business. This is mine. This is the outlet for my sane life.