Cold, Sunny, Dyeing Day

It's a great day to Dye. :P

I dyed both of these inthe same pot at the same time....how odd the color differences!! Silk likes to SUCK up the fushia dye. The alpaca (in the strainer) has red-violet tips and blue everything else. I was shooting for voilet-red (because I seem to be attracted to that color for some odd reason recently) but I got more of a wine color which is just as nice. I used brilliant blue, fucshia, and fire engine red in equal anounts until the paper towel I was using to test the color had about the tone I wanted. I am gettin low on blue dye so I am gonna have to hit the local art supply for some more of that and some salmon and purple.

I am trying another batch this time using lilac purple, fire engine red, blue, and fuchsia. Should be interesting as yet again the silk seems to want to suck up all the red and fuchsia.

Until next time...

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