Crocheted Crotches....

You read it right and I have found it halarious!!
I friend sent this link to lighten me up a bit after all that ranting I've done.
Check out this site: http://www.crochetmycrotch.com/
Fair warning, there are images of crocheted vagina's there, and in more than one ethnic color to boot! LMAO! No running back here to bitch about how offended you are...you have been warned! So tough-titty if you get offended-cause we told you so!!!
I really like the World's Least Subtle Tampon Case, because it is basically a vagina lookin zipper pouch you put tampoons in...LMAO!!! WOW!
Not only that, they are CUSTIMIZABLE! You can order any color of muff for your crocheted crotch item. I want purple glitz!! LMAO!
Until next time...
OH! PS, comments have been re-enabled but are still moderated. I am keeping all the incoherent babblings of the crazy idiot person as keepsakes (and proof of harrassment for when I email their ISP for violation of thier terms of service)-and they is sooooooo funny! Come on now...you really thought you would get away with harrassment?! MMmm, that's called site monitoring, you psycho-babbling-idiot. :P

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