New Blog: Embracing the Insanity: Life in a Ranting Parade

Okay, I am sensible. But I am in one hell of a smart-ass mood...*whispers* so bare with me.

*loud, obnoxious and dorky like with heavy british accent-kinda Monty Python like*

OOOOOOO novel idea Captian!!! Create a blog JUST for the ranting tirades!!! Keep the negative to one side while this side is all pristeen-pretty-fluffy-muffy-goodiness-of-sparkling-non-flamitory-text that portrays life like a bowl of freshly candied cherries. *big dramatic show of rolling eyes*

YESSsssssSSSSssssssss!!! Very Good! That way people who do not want to be freely offended are not, and thier eyes do not burst into great balls of fire (although that is way cool to watch)...and those who enjoy a good tirade can read them here .

*insert canned laughter here*

And those who feel the must abosolutely be heard and have uncontrolable googly fingers that don't seem to be controlled by any one brain or another *looks down at crotch...feeling for that second brain, then out to audiance, smirking*, are free to type out a blathering idiotic response...

*perky now*

But seeing as I am blog owner and controller of this here universe

*clears throat*

....comments will be moderated and deleted at will as I see fit to do so.

*eyes narrowed...daring, smart-ass like*

OOOOoooo you must click right over there and try it again.


cannnot....keep.....to self.....must.....return....tirade....must....

Okay then. Embrace the insanity while we walk together in a ranting parade, that is life.

Everything is OOOOOOookay. Really...

Disclaimer: Owner of blog is not repsonsible for your clicking to the ranting parade blog, and if you be offended-it's your own damned fault for clicking over there in the first place. Disclaimer out of the way, warnings posted...I am free to rant, rave, throw the most uglilest and foulest language known to Human Society as I relieve myself of stress. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Is that a breath of fresh air? NO. I. Farted.

Until next time...

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