Designing FUN!!

YEAH!!! Thanks to the freeware program that I found off this site I was able to design a strap that I LIKE...I LIKE-IT-A-LOT!

I call this one: Shaman Eyes


Shaman eye patterns are used for protection and forsight and I like how the edgings look like lightening and X's. X's are used usually to symbolize cross roads, or a cross that would symbolize the four sacred directions, while lightening is symbolic of the flash of enlightenment, sudden transformation and is also associated with the thunderbird.

PERFECT for the shoulder strap to my handle bar bag! I just need to finish what is on the loom and then I can start on this. It will take a good amount of time to string the cards up, but will be well worth the effort in the end. I am thinking a strap of 1 1/2 yards long will be long enough...I will need to purchase an adjustable piece to put on it. SO I need to add 20% for waste, and 20 inches for card usage. So that is (good grief with the math!!!) 54 inches + 10.5 (20%) = 64.5 + 20 = 84.5 rounding up to 85. WOW...that's a lot of string!!!

If anyone wants to use this design, feel free to do so. Please link back if you post on a blog or website. Thanks!!

It is still snowing...looks to be about 3 inches now.

Until next time...

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