Son-of-a-? SNOW!!! In April!! WTF?

Where there should be buds of green...there are buds of green with a top-hat of snow!! The woods are all a fog with snow and the wind...OH THE WIND!! Driving on the interstate this morning WAS NOT FUN. The work van was getting TOSSED too and fro...holy smokes...it was a white nuckle driving mornin'! On top of all that (pun intended) we are expecting close to 6 inches by the time this is through. I hope it melts fast and it warms up soon...I've got cabin fever and I am getting anxious about being cooped up all the time. NNnnnnnnnnaaaaaah!

OH....OH....My POOR LILAC!! OOOoooooo!!! It was growing and now...snow...OOOOoh I hope it makes it! It is a hardy variety so chances are this won't stun it...hopefully. It survived staying outside all winter which I was very happy about. The rose-however- did not make it. I'll try again this year and then come winter I will pack the cone with straw....wool waste even because the leaves made it mold I think.

BTW, did you know wool makes great mulch?! I threw a bunch of waste wool (thick with poo) on the ground last fall and it snuffed the grass out! OOoooppppssss!!! So I moved it to a planter to help snuff the weeds.

WWW: Wacky Wisconsin Weather!!

Until next time...

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