I am so discouraged today. It doesn't seem to matter how much I try...I just can't seem to get this round kick down pat. *big loud sigh* All I wanna do is cry because I wanna do this so badly...but my body is not working with me on this! Seems all I can accomplish is making my hips all sore as hell!
Although I have noticed I am become more flexiable on the job. That's a plus.
I dunno if it is the weather, that time of month comin around, or what but I really feel down today.
Doesn't help that I am not getting any help with the godforsaken housework. God forbid the man would help with anymore than the dishes! GRrrrrrrrrr...domestic life SUCKS!!
I did finally get some rest last night. Although I came home and hit the bed right away not giving the BF a second glance. I was so exhauseted from not getting any sleep because of his Midnight Fidgets that I slept hard for nearly two hours. Course then I could not fall alseep right away when I went to bed at my normal time. *shrugs*
I bought that new venus Breeze razor and it is quite good at what they claim it to do. I shaved my hairy legs in no time flat without the added hassle of messing with shavin cream. Shaving cream...blah!
I feel like I am never gonna get recommended for black belt at this rate. I am still getting winded so much that I cannot be as vocal as most of the fellow students. *sigh*
Must keep practicing...must ignore pain, must work on balance...must....keep....on....KICKING!!!! Arnnnagh....
So discouraged. :(
Until next time...

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