Crafting, Gardening, and other things of goodness...

I found a nice peice of precut wood plaque for the head board to my belt display. It's actually a house number plaque from menards, but HEY it works!!

The spinach seedlings are growing away! It will be time to put them in the garden soon!!!

Here is my outdoor Bast Altar. It is in the garden space.

Then there is Zarnan who, for some odd reason, is wanting to do nothing but bury himself in his diggin box. Wierd tort. I hear this is normal behavior this time of year so I will not worry too much about him. It's still strange that he wants to bury himself at the beginning of warmer weather. Wierd.

Not much to write on today. I am VERY sore from yesterdays Karate practice. Mostly in my hips from round kicking so much. Then I am VERY tired because the BF's fucking midnight fidgeting woke me up. I am sleeping on the sleeper sofa tonight. I am sick and tired (LITTERALLY!!!!) of not being able to get enough sleep because this MAN does nto want to see a doctor about this. His night fidgeting has never been this bad.....something is wrong. But being a MAN, he doesn't want to do a damned thing about it and it is angerying me so!! He has employer provided health insurance. He ought to use it while he has it.


Until next time...

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