Gone Fishin

I think I am gonna go fishin today. It's the last day of spring break and it is supposed to be partly sunny and in the upper 40's. Better than a couple days ago when I biked in freezing temps below 32!!

I found a telescoping fishin pole at Big Lots this morning along with bags and bags of apple chips! I LOVE APPLE CHIPS!! MMMmm...I bought some for myself and some to share.

I harvested some of my composting redworms to go fishing with. When I opened the lid to my worm bin there was this HUGE green, slimey and writhing mass in the middle! It was just PACKED with worms!! I figured out that the green mass was the remains of cactus that I had thrown in a couple of weeks ago because it had started to spoil in the fridge-Zar's favorite food. I think the worms like cactus too!!! HA!!

I scooped out a couple big lumps of worm manure and picked out the biggest wormies of the lot and then tossed the manure into the potted plants. My worm farming has been very succussful over the winter months! Last year I didn't fish at all so this year, since I have a means to get myself to the water I will be fishing more often.

There is a nice fishin spot right next to the library so I will go and pay my fine and reserve a copy if Inkle weaving since the used copies online are costing $40 and up!! It's an old book...hardly a collectable. I'm not payin that much for it!

MMMmm apple chips....MMMmmm

Then after fishing I think I will visit the LYS and see what they have for pima cotton. I need to ask someone to take the book back I borrowed from the Knittin Guild's library as I won't be going anymore. It's the same evening as karate class, and frankly...I'd rather go to karate. The meetings for the Guild have been unbarably boring the last couple of months so I think I will just skip it from now on.

And I'm off!!

Until next time...


  1. So did you catch any fish? Waiting to see what your outcome was! LOL

  2. I sure didn't! Still too cold I guess. Someone caught a carp and left it on the shore to rot...nice. Poor creature!!


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