Heavy Cotton Snood...

MMMmmmm....what is this TUBE doing on my head. OH RIGHT! That's the 1950's snood style!! *face-palm*

I don't think I like this one...although it does have a bit of charm from the back view. It's a hair sock!! It's also very heavy and will be very warm on my neck in summer heat. The next one will be of a lighter yarn, and much-much shorter. This one was 11 inches before I stopped to check. I was only wanting to do 10. The pattern says 14 (!!!!!).

I could think of another, more interesting use for this...demonstrated by the BF's HUGE feet....you get the idea...right? *Big Evil Grin*

Now for the pattern...HUmmm something more flattering than this for sure!!

Until next time...


  1. You should be using something more lightweight for that, something similar to the tatting cotton for crocheted lace. Need some? I have some I'd like to unload. Red, two balls of blue... lemme know.

    Good first attempt at the snood!

    What's the fascination with the snood? Is it for a special occasion or are you going to attend a RenFaire?

  2. YEP, I got meself some #10 crochet cotton.

    I just need something to hold my hair while biking because it tends to get blown into my face and eyes. I can't put my hair up into a bun like I would prefer because the helmet won't fit correctly then.


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