I went bikin...and found it needs to be tweeked...

I went biking today...but I quickly found out that the chain wants to slip when I have it in first gear and I try to get up and go from stopping. Damned nearly ate the handlebars a couple times because of it!!

I went down for my coffee...and it was FREEZING! I cannot imagine trying to bike in the middle of winter with below zero temps. OWE! My ears are numb....but I did manage to rummage up a scarf. It's almost too small and it smelled bad so I spritzed it with some Frebreeze before heading out. I wrapped that around my face and neck, and bundled my hands up in mittens. I wore my boots with some wool socks and wore TWO t-shirts under my winter coat. WOW...I was just warm enough.

After that I walked over to the grocery store (in the same lot) and bought a poppy seed and almond muffin because they did not have my favorite of banana nut....NEVER AGAIN!! OOOooh that muffin did not agree with me and was soon making an unsightly appearance out the back side as I was trying to enjoy myself shopping at Hobby Lobby!! Not fun having to fast walk across the entire damned store to make it to the bathroom before you feel like you are gonna implode. Humph!! I'll get something else next time if my banana nut is all sold out.

You know, the mail went today and I thought it would not because of Good Friday...so I kept the mail in!!! *face-palm!!*

Then I biked down to Hobby Lobby after trying to sit and mind my business and eat the muffin. Can't a chubby gal sit on a public bench and eat without people gawking?! WTF is there to see!? I'M EATING-OUT IN PUBLIC-WITH NO SHAME-AND ENJOYING IT....GET OVER IT!! *big eye roll* Retards.

Anyways....I had to stop a couple of times because the hills around here are KILLER! Owe...my thighs...

I locked the bike up along with taking the front tire off because my coil wouldn't stretch as far as I needed it too and I had a hard time getting that damned sucker back on when I was ready to leave! I got it down though...just took some practice. It's an easy release thing.

I shopped in HL for about 2 hours...taking my time and looking at everything. I rarely have the pleasure to take my own damned time to shop. I bought enough wooden letters to spell out my name on the headpiece I will eventually make for my belt rack display. I also found a discontinued Lilac patterned, post-bound, photo album on the clearance shelf...with no price. That's always fun to deal with at the checkout. I got it for $8. Sweetness! I love Lilacs! They remind me of home and summer days of a house filled with the sweet scent of the giant lilac bush that grew right outside one of the living room windows. AHHHhhh....I miss those days. It has pages for slipping photos in but I can easily convert it into a scrapbook.

I also bought some cotton to knit a snood out of for my Pamperee in SP10. I need one too to keep my hair out of my face when I am biking.

I also bought some D rings and some overall snaps for the strap I will eventually make for the bike bag I just made. I need some buttons but they really didn't have a stupendous selection so I waited on those. They didn't have much for pre-cut wall plaques either which was a disappointment.

Then the frames were on half-off so I bought two document frames to frame my certificates in from karate. Lots of sales on things I need!

Next I headed down to Red Robin for some fish and chips...MMMMmmm good.

The last stop I made was at Menard's to buy 6 more oak slats for the belt display rack, some super fine sandpaper, and a straight heavy duty bike cable. Then I ended up walking more than I biked home because of the hills and then because there is no bike lane along Monona Dr. I don't feel safe enough to bike on the road and count on the people driving over the speed limit, yackin on the cell phone, to see and avoid me.

Whew! I feel like I do when I do a lot of walking only it was biking....a lot of it! WHEW! Tomorrow I will take my bike to the shop and have them take a look at the chain. I've got free adjustments for a year from the shop I bought it from. I got several "Nice Bike" comments from strangers as I was lockin it up or unlocking to leave. And the bank teller even asked about it. Wanted to know where to get one like it and what brand it was. I let her know it was a comfort bike so she would know what to ask for when she went shoppin for one. She complained they cost a lot, I agreed, but also said I feel it is worth it. You get what you pay for...something I have learned the hard way over and over again when I buy something cheaper than X brand and have it brake a short time later. HUMPH! I hear the Scwinn bike products are crap anymore because they have sacraficed quality for QUANTITY and cheaper material for cheaper products. Apparently it shows.

OOOOoo and I also got some fair trade coffee from the grocery store which I am so enthused about! Finally! A local source for organic fair trade coffee! I'm drinking some of that right now...MMMMmmmm....should be drinkin water. Oh well!

Until next time...

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