Fiber projects, Mail Call, SP10-Don't you wish you were the lucky recipient?!

OOOoo look at that freshly spun yarn...OOOOoo. This is hadn dyed alpaca blended with hand dyed silk. I am mixing a bunch of this up for my SP10 Spoilee (who hopefully does not read my blog...but she won't know till she gets her first sets of goodies). This is SSSOoooooooo SOOOOOFFFFT! I plan on filling an oversized coffee cup (because she says she is always on the lookout for them...and we have a store that sells a lot of them for cheap) with the carded fiber roving. Floofy drink UP! *ding-ding* HA! Literally...floofy...

I got a mail call today! I got a box from the whenever group for the bottle swap. Three skiens of perfectly colored Lullaby yarn, a sock pattern, and some yummy rose scented soap! I think these would look nice as a beaded snood!!

This is one of many things I am sending to my SP10 Spoilee. She wants to learn how to spin...well here comes the means, the tools, and instructions to do so along with a 1/2 pound of extra fiber of the same color. WEeeeeeee! Coffee?? I love this organic free trade coffee!! Coffee!!!! I've got a crazy coffeee high......EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here is the BF working hard at trying to add some sparkle to a piece of his bracelet where the gold leafing has rubbed off. He hates his picture being taken. Tough-I say! I am a shutter bug! *click-click-click* Gotcha!

Until next time...


  1. Here's an idea... for yarn you plan on giving (not sure if it would work too good for roving). Actual yarn you've spun yourself would be nice.

    Anyway... handwinding it...

    Take small trinkets, beads, wrapped candies, etc... or even sweet little notes folded up real small, and as you wind your yarn around, you tuck these little bits of fun inside, so when the recipient starts to use the yarn for a project, as they draw more and more yarn out, these little bits drop out and let your recipient know you're thinking of them.

    It's way fun... especially when your recipient thinks that the only gift they got was the yarn (which would be fab in and of itself), and then they get these little treats as they work on their project.

    Thanks again Maven!

    Are you my SP10 pal?? ;-)

  3. I think you know I'm not:) Last SP I participated in was SP7... I wasn't happy with who I was assigned to spoil. But more on this in private emails, if you were curious....

  4. I had to ask. *snicker-snort!!*


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