MATH!!!! Run for the hills!!! Handle bar bag calculations...OYE!

I am sittin here tryin to figure out the math to calculate the rows and stitches need to make a felted handle bar bag. My sample came out about 2 inches smaller than before it was felted. I want a bag that is 10x10 and 6 inches wide-perfect size for the handlebars I think. Upon knitting another sample I've got my gauge at 2 SPI and 3 RPI. Now I need to add 2 inches to all my measurements for shrinkage so that gives me 12x12x8.

To get 12 inches I need to cast on 24 stitches, and to get 8 inches wide I need 24 rows...how odd is that that both my SPI and my RPI are the same?! How can that be!! *brain is farting....*


When I get the width I need for the bottom, then I will pick up the stitches along the other three sides (following directions for this bag found at knitty.com)

Then I will need to figure when I get to the 12 inch (36 rows) mark that I need to bind off three sides of the bag and continue to knit the flap in a reverse stockinette (so the loops are on the outside and not the purl bumps). I will need a flap long enough to cover the top and long enough to fold down half the front and button close (button for now). So that would be a flap of 8 + 5 =13 inches long = 39 rows. Now do I want to try the iCord bind off, because it seems a little confusing at this point!!

Then I want a front pocket to hold my MP3 Player that will be sewn on after it has been felted. My MP3 player is a little less than 2 inches wide and 4 inches deep/long...tack on the 2 for shrinkage...4 inches wide and 6 inches deep/long = CO 8 ST, knit 18 rows stockinette.

Am I making sense thus far?

Then I want another pocket to hold...whatever smallish things that I may have like my ID on the inside. That will be 3/4 the width and half the depth....so 8 x 5 plus 2 for shrinkage = 10 x7 = Co 20 st, knit 21 rows stockinette.

Does all that make sense?

When I get it felted and dried I will be cutting openings for buttons, several of them to adjust the flap when I need too. Then I plan on buying several over sized buttons from the LYS.

You should see the yarn I am making. It is graduated from turquoise to blue (blended at points to get the graduation in color), then from blue to purple, and finally purple back to turquoise with yellow in between.


Until next time...

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