Belt Display Rack-Easy...Patience? HARD!!!

I am so excited about this latest project, a display rack for my karate belts. Why buy one premade, when I can make one for half or less of the price? I see them being sold on Ebay for $20 plus $10 shipping...but for that much money, I can buy all the supplies I need and then some to make my own. Granted it LOOKS handmade, but that is a BONUS plus I can say "I made it" to those who inquire. Right now there are only slats for four belts, but come payday I will get enough oak boards to make a 10 level rack.

I used 1/4 wood pegs to stick the boards to the back dowels which are square hardwood dowels. I love Menards! I then drilled a 1/4 hole through all the slats at once so that they would all have the same off center holes. LOL Then I took each slat, number then and placed them on the dowels and marked where to drill the connecting 1/4 holes. A bunch of pounding later, they are attached without the use of unsightly screws and nails. I had to saw off the ends of the pegs and sand them flush to the boards before applying stain (classic cherry) and right now a layer of poly is drying on them. This is so simple to make!! All I will need to display the belts is some double sided velcroe strips (the kind they sell to keep cables organized).

It needs a headboard. I looked at one of the Goodwills to see if they had something about 2 feet long that I could paint over but they did not. I am not sure what kind of headboard I will add, but I will want to engrave it. I think I can do that with the router attachment for the dremal tool. I'd like to engrave my name in Chinese characters and then engrave my name in english below it. That sounds too fancy for my skill level though. Wood engraving would cost too much I think so maybe I will just get some asian rub-on accents if I can find any and then just add my name in wood letters so it pops out. Hummm...I still have some money left on my Bday Hobby Lobby gift card....time to hit the place again!! One of the wood hobby shops should have already shaped headboards with routed edges. I'll have to browse online first to see what is available.

Until next time...

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