Secret Pal Package! YAY!!!

OhHHHhhh what a wonderful package to greet me after a not so sunny morning! My coworker is excited about traveling this weekend so she has been talking my ear off about everything all week....oOOOooo my tired ears!
Chocolate! Chocolate everywhere!! It was the "Never-Ending Chocolate Package!"!! I opened it and I saw chocolate...pulled it out....saw MORE chocolate...pulled that out....STILL MORE CHOCOLATE remained in the envie!!! So I poured it all out onto my table and WOW! MMMmmmmm chocolate....I am happily sedated in chocolate right now...MMMmmmm.....I really like the carmel squares...MMMMmmmm.....
Not only that but tea too and an interesting keyring!!

Then there was this Bag Lady tea box that said Happy Bday on it! LMAO! CUTE!!!

Then there is a clue...a clue to who my SP10 pal is. That clue are these two GORGIOUS buttons! I LOVE THEM and they remind me of Spring Goddesses. On the back there is written: "This is a clue. It also reminded me of you."
HUmmm, well the first clue was "Your interests (not spinning, or karate - other stuff that is important to you - that kinda "sums" you up) and an online community "project" of mine have someone in common." ...so it must be someone from of the groups I am active in. Not only that but the return address is from Bloomington Indiana!! My home state!!! HUMMmmmmm will have to think on it some more.

THANKS SP10 PAL! I now have enough chocolate to last me several sedated weeks!! LOL

Until next time...

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