No, not the candy...or is that now-n-later? *shrugs* Whichever.
I forgot to mention in this thing when I came home Wednesday from karate practice...my whole body was sore. He worked us hard that class. I hurt so much that I could not sleep even though I was exhausted! Lesson learned? Take pain med before bed to insure a good restorative nights rest!!! *face-palm*
This weekend looks like it is gonna be a super nice one! I am gonna do a whole lot of bikin man! The BF wants to hit the bead shop, so I will go with him on that venture.
I also want to try and finish my wing of the moth shawl.
I got a package all made up and ready to send off to my secret pal. Lots of sugar, a coffee cup (she's a collector) some yarn, a bag of apple chips (Because I love them so much I want to share them....plus I found them at Big Lots for super cheap and I bought all they had!)....now I just need a card. Time to bike down to Walgreens!! LMAO!
The BF and I were actually interacting and having fun yesterday afternoon. We were playing fencing VS karate...only his fencing device was a pinching hand!! LMAO fun!
I had a bad day-so he was trying to help me feel better. See, the man can be sweet and thoughtful when he wants to be! Now if only he wanted to be more often!!!
 My regular attendent took the day off so I had to drive into base and pickup someone else. Grrrrr. I got a wierdo. He didn't speak hardly at all and I tried to carry a conversation with the wierdo but he either ignored me or wasn't hearing me. Every so often he would jump up out of his seat and settle back down. I thought for sure he was gonna have a kaniption fit! On the way home after the last run, he was smiling and giggling for no apparent reason. Good god...who are they hiring!!! *face-palm* Dignity! Have some dignity man! Oye.
Then to top it off we were less than a couple miles from base and some IDIOT decides to try and make it across this four lane street AND NOT LOOK FOR ONCOMING TRAFFIC.....WHICH WAS ME!!! I screamed OH JESUS! and had to swirve so hard that I thought for sure the van was gonna top over! I had to hold the steering wheel so hard to keep control and the wheels squealed as they wanted to go in the opposite direction. OYE VEY!!! Yet another disaster narrowly avoided by my quick reflexes. Gods....the IDIOTS that were out yesterday!!! Seemed like everyone was tailgating...wanting to go faster and faster and me not having any of it and ignoring them...they go zooming past me to get in front of me...only to have to slam on the brakes because other people are not going as fast as they like...and then....the exit the highway. *face-palm* IDIOTS! And I wanna bike in a town with such retards on the road?! *faint*
Well anyways....I am alive at least-and uninjured and healthy. Payday was sucky because it was only a 4 day check. But that is okay because I like the time off I get.
Zar is still doing this hibernation thing...it worries me because I have never gone through this before with him. I'm sure he knows what he is doing....
I am gonna need to get a new bulb for his inclosure soon. It looks like it is wearing down. These bulbs are $70 a pop! This is because they are speciality bulbs that provide UVA abd UVB lighting for reptiles...and are mercury lamps. *sigh* The never ending needs of pets.
Until next time...


  1. Isnt driving something larger than a 2-3 ton vehicle wonderful? Driving a bus I bet I can tell you some stories too. Like cars making a right turn from the left side of my bus,, as I'm moving!

  2. Oye! The stupidity of people! How do people get so damned stupid?! Kmart license much?
    Usually it is a wonderful thing because when people decide to tail-gate, they are easily ignored in such a large vehicle. And if I had hit that person, most of the damage would have been from me, and work does not have very good insurance so that would not have been a good thing!


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