Waterproofing....test #1

Humm so I have been trying to look into how to waterproof wool garmets but everytime I tried to search for "waterproofing wool" I came up with a whole lotta links about baby diaper covers...WHAAaaaaaaaaaaa?!

Then I stumbled upon Lenolin that I could buy. But then I started thinking...wouldn't any 'ol natural oil work? SO I am testing mineral oil and coconut oil on my felted swatch to see what happens. First I warmed the peice in the oven and spread the oils over one half of one side of the peice, then placed it back into the oven to facilitate obsorbtion.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

The keyboard took a crap the other day so now I am having to get used to this new one which is quite a bit louder and shaped a little differnently so I keep hitting the wrong keys. ARGH!

And I was trying to search (again) through google for the bird sanctuary that is up north wisconsin. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place but Google is not being of much help today. GRrrrrrr...I get EVERYTHING but what I am lookin for! WTF!!! It's one of those kind of days I guess.

Until next time...

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