Bite me

You will not bully me into submission or into hiding-so bite me. You fucked with me by flaking in MY SWAP and flaking ME-Cathy. I have done nothing wrong so I am not gonna deprive my regular readers because of your Troll behavior. You're a bully, plain and simple. BTW you have posted copyrighted materials on your blog, and your blog service has been contacted about it. I'd remove those elements before they get a chance to flag your blog for copyright violations.

Until next time...


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy you decided to continue blogging. I first saw your videos on YouTube. I love them and soon came to be a daily reader and was very sad and upset when you took it private. I am glad to be able to read along with your adventures and to the rest who would spoil it....well you aren't worth the words.

  2. Thank you Kcbrat! It's so nice to finally meet someone with some sense!
    You are so right, I have moved on, no more words will be wasted on that matter. :-P


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