Baby Robins, WIP's, other stuff

The babies in the Robins nest outside my residence are growing quickly!! In just over a week they have gone from sightless fluffs of flesh and blood to having pin feathers and sight! They is so cute! I check on them every few days and the one in the forground of the second photo looked streight at me and went back to sleep. Not a care in the world!!

I found a hawk feather in the driveway this morning. I think it is a redtail, but I am not positive. It rests on my dreaming altar in the bedroom.

Here is my progress on the second bycicle handlebar pack. I love how the varigation of the yarn marbles when felted!! Writing out the directions for this is a pain in the ass and a big headache, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

Then I got the Mason Dixen book from the library and I am knitting a mini-Kimono for my teady bear. I am just cutting the stitches in the directions in half. Instead of 40 CO I did 20-etc, etc, etc.

I contacted Blogger CS about the handfull of sheep who are flagging my blog and why. They told me they did not see anything objectional on my blog so I do not have to worry about deletion. HOWEVER, they are gonna contact the blog host of the person who is instigating all of the flagging. MMMmmm, sweet-sweet, poetic, justice. 'Nuff time wasted on that!

Until next time...

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