I found Alpaca camping in my garden...

Alpaca yarn that is and I kind a placed it there. *snicker-snort*
Two pictures in one. My spinach is growing loverly and I dyed this freshly spun two ply alpaca laceweight yarn for this month's project spectrum's challenge. Yellow, green and pink...a triad. The pink came out more red...oh well. Not really something I would pick in color combinations, but at least I got to experience it. Kinda reminds me of cotton candy actually.
The purple birds nest is some purple died alpaca HAND BLENDED with burgandy dyed silk caps. I like the sploches of burgandy here and there from the un-uniform silk roving.

Next is the soap cosy I knit out of a one ply thick and thin yarn that was one of the first I spin up. Nice! Eventually it will felt up and when the soap is gone, I will make a special charm pouch out of the felted material. Nifty Aye?!

And the last picture is of my precious Dwarf Lilac bush. It is absolutely FILLED with leaves this year! I am so happy it bounced back from last year. Last year I kept it inside over winter because I feared the roots would dye if they froze. I guess not. There are only a few flower clusters, but that is enough for me because the anticipation of the upcoming frangrance explosion is driving me mad!! I love lilac!!

Until next time...

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  1. I love me some lilacs! It wouldn't be mothers day without them:) They come into bloom here in the NY/NJ area right before Mother's Day (and peonies come into bloom right before Father's Day).

    Little bastards in my condo complex grab onto the branches and yank... they've just about destroyed one half of a lovely bush... for what? EFFing feral animals, that's what they are.


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