The Weather Man LIED.

Okay, imagine if you will...waiting for the one day the weather man said it would be near EIGHTY degrees and pleasant with plenty of sun. That was supposed to be today, Sunday. I watched the weather report with anticipation all week, then I saw it again last night and it was all completely wrong! NO NO NO, you said very warm with plenty of sun...bring it! You said it! Now you have to bring it!


Needless to say I am very dissapointed in the weather man. Not only did the weather they predict not happen the way they said it would, but it is cold, very windy, and not very sunny. I could just kick someone. LMAO SO that picture over there demonstrates how I feel about it.

So now the nice weather has been somehow delayed and will not arrive till tomorrow, Monday, a workday...bite me weather man!

Until next time...

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