We did it. We ordered cable internet through Charter. So those who know me and email me through my tds.net emails will be getting emailed from the new domain. Heads up to look for me in your spam filters! I think the usernames will be the same, just the extentions will change to charter.com. My old emails will be active until the middle of June so there is no rush about it. We are still lock into contract till then and I will never again agree to contract deals. BLECK! Because when a better offer rolls around, there is no way to take advantage of it because if I cancel early they want to chartge yeah $200. OUCH. TDS is kinda iffy anyhoo. My coworker is always having issues with them.

Over the weekend I knitted a soap cozy for the No Bite Me soap. I used some yarn that has been sitting for about a year from when I first started spinning on a wheel. It is a chunky-thin kind of yarn that was hard to knit with, but it should felt up real nice.

I have also been spinning up alpaca. I worked on cleaning a bunch of it up so I could spin it. Alpaca is one that I spin directly from the combs as it tends to go POOF when it is pulled into a roving, and when carded, it tends to have lots of nips in it. Combing takes out the nips (basically second cuts that get rolled into a lint ball) and leaves the longer fibers sticking out for spinnin.

I found some really cool (litterally) yarn at the LYS: Off the Beaten Path that is made from cotton and ceramic. You read it right...ceramic. Apparently it keeps the yarn cool to the touch and helps one stay cool in hotter weather. I so want to knit a snood out of that!! It is lightweight AND will keep my neck cool!

The lady from Illinois who was offering me her Louet seems to have dissapeared when I asked her if she was willing to pack and ship. HUmmm, a simple no would have been polite enough...is that expecting too much from Illionois? I'm not gonna come and hunt your ass down if you say no. But, surprisingly enough, another offer has taken that ones place and with someone who is willing to ship! Same price to boot! Amazing!!! I guess the other one was not ment to be. *shrugs* Oh well.

Until next time...


  1. Hi! I've been trying to get to your blog and finally did in a round about way. I didn't know if you knew it or not, but you can't get to it by typeing in the regular http://crowcallingwoman.blogspot.com. I think something might be wrong. Just wanted to let you know. ;)

  2. Hey there! Nope it was a drastic measure to confuse the stalker woman who is still playing stalkerette. A small name change to hopefully confuse whomever the person is who has nothing else better to do with thier precious time.


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