Yoga: Just My Size-a positive review

Positive? YES! INDEED!

I really like this DVD!! The moves are simple, yet *OUCH* very effective in working the very muscles I wanted to target-the thieghs, back, abs and lung expansion. OW. Quite amazing the workout it was with so very little movement! Is this what yoga is all about?

I especially love the cool down. The DVD has you go from fetus position to laying on your back and relaxing. When this segment ends, it goes right back to the menu where the same music is repeating. So then you are free to lay there relaxing for as long as you wish!

The moves are easily memorized to do on the go too.

Until next time...


  1. Did you have it all along, or did you get it after I recommended it? I'm just curious! :)

    Glad you like it and gave such a stellar review of it!

  2. I actually had it on order from Netflix when you commented about it and it came today. Nice timing!

  3. Perfect!

    Yoga is not just about the physical, it's about the mind-body connection. I hope you'll explore other aspects such as pranayama (breathing exercises), to help calm and center you for your yoga practice.


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