Good Tidings Chant

This came to me the other day, as I pondered how I was gonna pay all the bills I need to pay, and still try to get what I really-really want, that just happens to be on sale till the 11th of May....that Louet S10. *sigh* If anyone out there is selling an S10 Louet, I would be willing to pay $250 plus shipping to Wisconsin. *crossing-fingers*

"Law of Return I call unto thee,

all the good things that I've done

now is the time to return to me.

Three times three times three be true

As I do will it, it will be done."

It has a nice rhythm. That middle line is not very rhyme-y...oh well. All seven of my school routes have gone in the past two weeks so I am anxiously awaiting the end of the day when my paycheck is deposited into my banking account. And for the cowerdly monger who likes to leave annonymous nasty comments...

"I am rubber, you are glue

negativity sent my way

bounces off me and sticks to you."

So there. Take that and rewind it back. Surprisingly enough, I have a life outside this blog. Oh! Imagine that!

Until next time...

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