Learning Escima sticks and more crazy freaks!

I learned nine moves with my escrima sticks Monday. Now to customize my sticks! I want to burn in some designs and symbols and possibly stain it in classic cherry. I dunno what but I love the classic cherry look.

All of the second batch of polyphemus eggs have hatched out and are now munching happily away.

Speaking of happy pets...

I had some freakazoid comment on one of my videos on youtube of my Betta, Skye. Well I said so too (in so many words) and lo-and-behold everyone has a comment to post now!! Boy howdy, stir that shit pot-STIR IT!!

Anyways, this Frakazoid went all preachy on me on how the container was too small this, and bubbles where bad this and that. Okay, Ms/Mr. Holier-than-thou-pet-advocate-extremist...who asked you? My goddess, I mean this person went on and on...for goddess sakes-these freaks must not have anything else better to do than to try to convience others that thier knowledge is far superior when the fact is it is completely opposite! Then this user went and messaged me through youtube mail and went on and on about how I should listen to them for the sake of the fish...(!!!!!). Again!! Who ask you?! I did not go seeking your advice nor a pet care sheet from you so why are being a knat? (buzz-buzz.....SPLAT!). Annoying knat! For Goddess sakes, get a life! I know how to take care of a dang fish! A FISH!!! All this random freakishness over a FISH!!! There are websites with far superior knowledge than yourself that I have taken advantage of looooooooooong ago! *face-palm* The video is like five months old for Goddess sake, what makes people think nothing has changed?! I even say he lives in a larger conatiner now in the video description (along with a few choice words about people who like to stick it where it's not wanted, needed, nor asked for)!


Why are the freaks always attracted to me? Is it my loverly dorkiness? ;)

Not too much on the crafting front. I have spun a little, but I am much more active outside than in this time of year. I have a pound of white Merino roving coming my way that I cannot wait to start playing with in dyes. I biked to the Artist Supply shop on State Street (8 miles away using the bike trails) and bought some thickener, some burgandy dye, and some brushes for painting with.

Oh I do have another bitchin complaint. I called TDS sunday to put in an order to cancel our services and I was told they would put the cancelation order on the account. I called in again today because everything is still hooked up and wouldn't you know it, the damned beotch I spoke with didn't put the order in? Trying to rob me of more money they are but delaying the cancelation! Well that won't work with me! What a pain in the ass.

Until next time...

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