Mail call! Solar dyeing, and new punching bag!

Does anyone remember that spell for the return of positive karma just a few months ago? WOW, did it ever work!
A lady who saw my instructional spinning videos sent me a box full of fleece Dorset/Romney cross meat stock but the fleece is sooooo fine!! Thank you so much!! I am also helping her to get her buisness online in return for her generousity.
Then I gandered over to a garage sale in my neighborhood and found an army green duffle bag that can be easily converted to a punchin bag for $4!! I had been wanting one of those! I just have to rip the side pocket off because the metal button would not be fun to punch...YOUCH.
All my Monarchs have pupated so I do not have to gather anymore milkweed. My Polyphemus cats are doing well and growing now. I have 24 more eggs coming my way...YIPPIE!
The grocery had seedless watermelons on sale so I bought me one. OOOOSolar Ovenoo so goood!!
And I built myself a solar oven to try solar dying in. The plastic jar in there was actually a container full of plaster but I put the plaster in a plastic bag so I could dye a large amount of Shetland fleece at once. Within ten minutes the temp inside was well on it's way up and already above 100 degrees (oven thermometer). The temps are supposed to rise outside today near 90 with no wind. Perfect day for solar dying.
Today is ending up being a fantastic day. I have dishes starring me in the face waiting to be washed but they can wait for now.
Arm Bag filled with rags

Monarch Chrysalis
Polyphemus Cats

Until next time...

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