Yesterday we went to Meineke, made an appointment for a front end alignment and three new tires (front tires and spare) for 11 AM, we get there someone ahead of us said they were there for their 11AM alignment appointment. They double booked!! We ended up waiting an HOUR AND A HALF before they got to us because they "only have one alignment machine" and the folks that got there the same time we did were also getting an alignment. *FUMMING!* We were there a total of THREE HOURS because the alignment takes an hour and a half by itself! I was not and am not happy about this. What is the flippin use of making an appointment if they double book the time slots?! I thought the point of making an appointment was to AVOID this kind of wait because they do take walk-ins on a first come basis. We should have received some sort of discount for their incompetence and making us sit around for three hours when we both had plans.

I ended up not getting to go to the sporting goods store to look for boxing gloves and hand wraps because Mike had plans for 2PM. So I was stuck home all fuckin day and it was just too hot and humid for me to go biking. I was not happy. So I went shopping online, which is bad because I ended up buying a pound of white Merino roving to dye. *sigh*

Sunday we went to the farmers market and bought some cheese curds which happen to be on special! YAY! Then I took the BF with me shopping for boxing gloves and hand wraps. I ended up buying premium full grain deer hide gloves from Home Depot because the boxing gloves at the sporting goods store were either to small or too big! The deer skin work gloves were juuuust right. LOL While we were there I also found a heavy spring to add to the eye-hook for the punching bag. We stopped at Harbor Freight Tools as well and I found some interlocking foam "work" mat squares that can easily do double duty as a yoga mat. That was cheap and a lot cheaper than any yoga mat I have seen yet! Great cushioning for sit-ups as well. I also found some watering stakes that fit onto one or two liter bottles. Sweet!

I broke down and turned on the air conditioning for the first time this summer. The night was so hot and humid that I did not sleep well and I needed a shower. That's bad when you need a shower just from sleeping!! The air outside is so heavy....blah, my lungs arn't likin it too well. They say the humidity is going to go away...well they have also been saying we are supposed to get storms, but they keep pushing that prediction further ahead. Friday they said Saterday evening. Saterday they said Sunday evening. And now here it is Sunday and they are saying Monday or Tuesday. Lets just say it's gonna rain SOMETIME but we are really unsure as to WHEN. LMAO!!

Until next time...

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