Saterday, the day the roving dyed...

Burgandy's in first HA!
I am a dyeing maniac today! I tried kettle dying, but the shades were too light so I overdyed when everything had exhausted. OOOOOOooooo pictures to come of that of which I am LOVING!! Then I tried some simple roving dyeing. Soaked two yards worth of roving in vinegar water, rung out as much water as I could, layed it down on some plastic wrap and grouped it tightly together. Then I just laid on some dye in strips using squirt bottles. I mix the dye in batches in sketti jars (way to recycle!!) by adding dye to about a 1/2 cup of water or so of hot water, then filling the jar up with vinegar. Give it a good stir to disolve all the dye and then transfer into bottles.
See photos for color detail.

I was watching Discovering Tia-Chi for Beginners: Workout Essentials before I started Next Yellow and Blue with a touch of Fushia in the Burgandydying. I like to watch the workout videos I rent from Netflix before actually following along to get an idea of what is involved. The music, the soft flows of the movements....just watching it relaxed me enough to not worry about the dye. LOL This is an excellant beginners DVD on Tia-Chi BTW. The host is well built (eye-candy!!!), but not cocky. Love it.

I have the whole afternoon to myself as the BF went off to get his tattoo touched up. He reckons he'll be gone till this evening sometime. I have so much energy today...I wonder if it is the coffee?? I think I will have steak and eggs for lunch. That's a nice meal as it keeps me all day and I do Laying out the roving, not worrying about spreading or opening it upnot feel hungry therefor I do not eat nor do I even THINK about food. I've been having a beer before bed the last week (BAD!!!) and a couple pounds came back in the bellay. DOH!

Turquoise in the center, burgandy on both sides with a touch of fushia, then purple, then blue and yellow on the ends. I am hoping the yellow blends with the blue to make a nice transition of color into green.
The colors I used.

I still have lots of roving left so off to dye I go! *snicker-snort*

Until next time...

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